Out of 129 Countries, Just Guess How Many Are On Track For Gender Equality By 2030” for GOAT

The University of Sydney Has Just Announced A New Sexual Harassment Policy, But Activists Have Concerns” for GOAT

Women Are Taking Pain Medication Incorrectly During Their Periods, Because Apparently We Don't Even Take Our Own Pain Seriously Enough” for GOAT

New Zealand Will Grant Survivors Of Domestic Violence Ten Days Of Paid Leave, And Australia Should Follow In Its Footsteps” for GOAT

Against Choice Feminism” for Overland Literary Journal

Body Image

Jameela Jamil Wants Airbrushing In Ads To Be Made Illegal But It's Only Part Of A Much Bigger Problem” for GOAT

We Know That Fat Shaming Doesn't Help People Lose Weight, So Why Is It Still Everywhere?” for GOAT

You are not fat

From Thinspo to Fitspo: Depictions of health, fitness and wellness in Australian women’s magazines

If You're Thin and Feel 'Left Out' of Body Acceptance, You're Missing the Point” for Everyday Feminism

We need to talk about 'fatcalling' - not just catcalling” for Daily Life, originally published by The Vocal

The Death of Body Positivity” for Growing Strong

“‘Why the hell are you so fat?’ Catherine Bouris on life as an overweight woman” for news.com.au

Disability Issues

For The First Time, Mardi Gras Will Be Accessible For Those With Vision Impairments” for GOAT

Selma Blair Wants To Design Fashionable Clothing For Disabled People And We're Totally On Board” for GOAT

Why Are We So Surprised To See A Bridal Store Feature A Wheelchair In A Window Display?” for GOAT

Banning Plastic Straws Misses The Point Entirely, And Might Even Do More Harm Than Good” for GOAT

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