Cultural Criticism

A Friends Revival Would Be Hell On Earth, So Please Stop Trying To Make It Happen” for GOAT

Dear Hollywood: Please Cool It On The Reboots And Have An Original Idea For Once” for GOAT

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Sorry I'm not a cat person” for Scum Mag

Roundtable: What Do You Think Of The New Yorker’s Viral Short Story ‘Cat Person’?” for Junkee

The trouble with Khloé Kardashian's new reality show, Revenge Body” for The Sydney Morning Herald

Hae Min and Theresa” for Honi Soit


Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe Is The Back-Up Plan We All Need For Love” for GOAT

Pen15 Is So Frighteningly Accurate In Its Depiction Of Teenage Life You’ll Feel Like You’re Back In Class” for GOAT

If You're Looking For A New TV Show To Fall In Love With, Give Miracle Workers A Go And Feel Your Soul Soar” for GOAT

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I Have No Appetite For Insatiable, And It Seems The Internet Doesn't Either” for GOAT

The Final Season Of Unreal Is Its Darkest, And Not In A Cool, Neo-Noir Way” for GOAT

Republicans Endorse Arming Literal Toddlers In The First Episode Of Sacha Baron Cohen's Who Is America” for GOAT

Entertainment News

Did Lady Gaga's Classmates Actually Run A Facebook Group Taunting Her?” for GOAT

Ellen Degeneres Thinks Kevin Hart Should Still Be Allowed To Host The Oscars” for GOAT

Kevin Hart Steps Down As Oscars Host After Declining The Academy's Offer To Apologise” for GOAT

Will Busy Philipps' Memoir Be The Thing That Sparks The Conversation About James Franco And #MeToo?” for GOAT

Diversity Was A Buzzword At This Years' Emmys, But That Didn't Mean More Wins For Diverse Nominees” for GOAT

Fans Are Demanding Justice After Paddington 2 Was Snubbed By The Golden Globes” for GOAT

Queer Eye's Skyler Spoke About The Backlash To His Episode” for GOAT

Scarlett Johansson Stepped Down From Controversial Movie Role, So Of Course The Media Had To Be Transphobic About It” for GOAT

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